Club Meeting at Fat Cat

As a Star Trek fan club, a large part of the USS Serling is focused around Star Trek. Not all of it, however, is as "out there" as dressing in STARFLEET uniform for conventions or wielding bat'leths (though, of course, those activities are not amiss within our group).

Our gatherings are filled with talk about the TV series and movies, Star Trek oriented games, and sometimes just watching Star Trek episodes. Outside of Star Trek we discuss other works of science fiction, share advancements in science and technology, play group games such as Catch Phrase, and the occasional party with where a few drinks are imbibed.

Being a member of the USS Serling involves more than just having fun. A core mission of our club is taking part in community service and charity work. We take part in multiple drives and charity events each year and are constantly raising funds or donations for various causes. To learn more about this aspect of the club, visit the Prime Directive page of our website.

The USS Serling also has a strong connection to local history and community events. Throughout the year our club takes part in several Away Missions, including tours of the Johnson family carousels, the Spirits of Binghamton Ghost Tour and the Ice Cream Safari at the Binghamton Zoo. The club is even named in honor of Rod Serling, creator and host of The Twilight Zone, who was born and raised in Binghamton.

Carousel Away Mission

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