"One ship! One heartbeat!"

In October 2014, the USS Serling proudly hosted the annual Region 7 Conference.

We had an excellent event with wonderful and creative panels, productive buisness meetings and some spectacular guest speakers!


Panels, Activities and Speakers

Here were some highlights of the Region 7 Conference:

• Discussion with Anne Serling, daughter of Rod Serling

• Warp Drive--Coming Soon To A Star Base Near You?: Analyzing the future of real-life warp drive

• The Roddenberry Vision : Getting involved as a volunteer in YOUR community to achieve Gene's future

• Do You Happen To Know How To Fly This Thing? : Coming to grips with a new Doctor

• Family Crafts : Making cookies, comm badges and more

• ZooMobile : How Terran animals relate to the Federation

• "Asimov, Ellison and Heinlein, Oh My!" : Discussion on classic science fiction writers and their stories

• Dancing with the Star… Trek : Is Star Trek strong enough to come back to tv?